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What is WordPress - 9 Facts in Favor of WordPress's Effectiveness.

Vithusha Yogathasan

Content Writer

WordPress is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) that helps in creating and maintaining websites for an individual, group, or company.

Nowadays, WordPress is used as a website building tool in many instances. Look out its usefulness below.

Why is WordPress useful?

1. WordPress is free.

It’s free, so it can be downloaded, installed and used by anyone to create any sorts of websites.

Although a domain name and web hosting are needed for the installation of WordPress, they must be paid.

Bluehost, Namecheap, TMD Hosting and A2 Hosting are used for both domain name and web hosting because it is highly recommended by WordPress as the most effective hosting provider.

2. WordPress is SEO-friendly.

By using WordPress, we can upload any content on the website in a SEO-friendly way, therefore our website would rank first in search engine ranking.

Additionally, WordPress SEO plugin can be used to make websites rank at the top of the search results.

3. It's safe and secure.

Safety is necessary in building a website. The Internet is not safe due to hacking issues.

WordPress has features like safe themes and security plugins that help in monitoring and ensuring the safety of the websites.

4. It offers Plugins for customization.

Plugins in WordPress are a piece of software that can be added to the website in order to enhance the functional features of the website.

5. Limitless Themes.

WordPress themes are helpful to maintain the attractiveness of the website. Themes include layout designs, color, web page styles and so on.

Designing of the webpage using various themes would reach many people because designs provide more details clearly.

6. No need for coding.

Coding paves the way for website creation but it’s not the only way.

WordPress has additional features that could be used rather than coding. Anyone can continue with WordPress without any knowledge on coding.

7. WordPress helps to create multilingual websites.

This is one of the most interesting facts. You are free to update websites in any language.

Many plugins in WordPress also provide translated versions so that multilingual sites can be created.

8. Users can add Google Analytics.

Google analytics provides information about website visits. This is really cool.

MonsterInsights plugins in WordPress, analyzes the amount of website visits and prepares reports on the WordPress Dashboard.

9. Cost effectiveness.

WordPress is the best option for creating your website in an economical manner, because it is a free tool that anybody can use.

The themes and plugins in WordPress are free. Highly functional websites can be designed with themes and plugins that are free of charge.

Last Thoughts

You would have concluded that WordPress is more user-friendly and cost-free after our discussion of WordPress and its advantages today.

The majority of websites from which we draw ideas are built using WordPress, because it is valued by Google and other search engines.

Moreover, WordPress is really easy to use by beginners without any knowledge on coding programmes such as HTML, CSS and so on.

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Vithusha Yogathasan

Content Writer

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