Booking platform for a DJ in Australia

The challenge

The world is fast-changing, and one needs to adapt to stand out from the masses. MGUNZ was rocking in their world of music, and we’re looking for an arena to reach a greater audience. At the same time, Australia being a country with a huge demand for rock and pop music, MGUNZ had an ample opportunity to unfold its potential. So they decided to cascade into the digital world to broadcast their musical services and increase the convenience of immediate bookings online.


Our creative team of digital artists inspired a stunning digital experience for MGUNZ and further molded a new magnetic look for their logo. We built a simple yet holistic website to showcase their DJ services and integrated immersive features to enable users to make their bookings online. The website is enhanced with eye-catching visuals to create a musical interaction and a charismatic journey for users.

Modern appearance, authentic imprint

The logo was rebranded to give a simple but professional and classic impression, capturing one’s attention in a glimpse. This wordmark logo has an elegant appearance with a distinct typesetting and novel font style, reinforcing the brand value and identity of MGUNZ.

A platform for exposure

A mesmerizing visual appeal with a consistent design that features MGUNZ’s musical world at its brilliance. The purple colour palette used further brings to the spotlight the brand of the artists and their vibrant services.

Bookings made easy

A user-friendly booking feature that enables users to get their job done with just a few clicks. The website is set up to make the booking process go as quickly as possible. It has clear calls to action that make it easy for users to book.

I recently used Chanmax to create my website as part of my rebrand in the business model. These guys were friendly and went above and beyond to ensure my vision was met. I cannot recommend them enough for your next project!

Myu Guna