Digital library for a UK-based archive

The challenge

The prestigious award-winning Sri Lankan writer, Mr. N. Selvarajah, uses the power of words to give life to the unknown. He has written more than 43 books and compiled several volumes of Noolthettam—a bibliography of Tamil publications by Sri Lankan Tamils. His works were in high demand both within and outside of the country. he needed a platform for the knowledge of inquisitive individuals around the world to get hold of the wisdom treasured in his works.


Our team came forth to develop the electronic digital library, Noolthettam. The technological evolution and people’s knowledge of the availability and increased access to digital text reinforced the success of this digital transition. The website was designed to provide an extraordinary user experience and provide convenient access to the e-books. The site has several collections of the author's work that are meant to help keep Tamil books alive.

A brand taking its stand

The digital Noolthettam was designed with a focus on giving a consistent antique impression as a throwback to the age-old text compilations. The site was branded with medieval-looking font styles and an immemorial colour palette.

Digital yet traditional

Despite the transition from traditional paper books to digital electronic text, we wanted readers to still feel the heart-stirring moments as they went through the compilation of ancient old publications, such that even the cover pages of each book are in their original.

Quality complementing quantity

Noolthettam presents itself as an e-library with a wide array of e-books showcased on its site. Despite the scalability of the content, the site is designed to maintain its uncompromising quality with responsive design and smooth user flow.

I wanted to digitize all of my books and book collections but didn't know how, so I contacted Chanmax, who quickly grasped my requirements and suggested an appropriate solution, as well as building a platform for me. The service was user-friendly. They come highly recommended by me.

Nadarajah Selvarajah

United Kingdom