Jobboard for an Australian organisation

The challenge

The job world is growing more competitive by the day, and recruiters are having a hard time finding the right talent. There was a dire need to bridge the gap between the Sri Lankan labour market and the private sector to boost employment opportunities. Then it was clear that a digital platform was the best way to get to a good and productive end result.


We designed a visually simple but functionally powerful web application to meet the needs of both job-seeking individuals and job-hunting employers. The application is optimized for user-friendly interaction and creates an engaging experience. It has a scalable architecture, and houses convenient features to query the most relevant results. The application focuses on delivering a seamless flow for applying and seeking jobs with less hassle.

Two in one solution

The application caters to dual login for job seekers and recruiters. It is a place where employers can easily post job openings and download CVs, and where people looking for work can easily apply for positions on the site itself.

An optimized search arena

Swiftly find the right job that matches your skills and expectations with optimized search filters. The application allows users to filter and sort results simultaneously to drill down to the most relevant options.

Tranquil user experience

A transitive digital journey for users to interactively engage in the job market. The application ensures that users can efficiently and effectively fulfill their needs without any hindrance. It caters to smooth navigation and high performance to save time and get the best results.

I've been working with Chanmax on various projects for several years, and they've done some incredible work for me. I loved working with Chanmax since they have both creative UX designers and talented coders.

Sujan Selven